What Job can I Expect When I Major in Journalism?

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People generally choose a journalism major for one of two reasons. They either enjoy writing or they enjoy meeting a large variety of people. Sometimes, it's both. Most of the people majoring in journalism have one goal. They want to be reporters and nothing else will satisfy them. Unfortunately, that's one of the hardest jobs to land. Those looking to break into the business have to start from the bottom and work their way up. They have to take the low paying jobs in order to gather the experience necessary to move up.

Many people get their start as associate producers, editors, and news writers. Then all it takes is experience, a solid resume reel, and a thorough search of the small markets that are hiring. On the journey of becoming a reporter, something different often happens. People decide that it's not for them and that there is more to a newsroom than just the on-air talent. Young college graduates discover there is, in fact, a large variety of jobs available for them in the field. They can become assignment editors, photographers, producers, and so much more.

Majoring in journalism is a great idea because there are always options for jobs. In broadcast journalism, a newsroom is more than just reporters, it's a group of people who have a passion for delivering the news that matters. Those passions are channeled into a variety of jobs. People often say that journalism is dying, but that's not the case at all. It's constantly changing. When it changes, more jobs become available. For example, it's only recently that newsrooms across the country have hired social media experts. That's a job that is perfect for young millennials because they understand it better than anyone.

Journalism will be around for the long haul and that's why it's a safe major to choose. People sometimes worry about it because they don't realize all of the jobs that are available. A major in journalism doesn't just have to be broadcast, either. There is always the option for print which focuses a lot on newspapers, magazines, and online writing. One of the most important ingredients in a successful journalist is passion. A person always needs to be passionate about the story they are covering. It doesn't matter if it's about dog food or a person who saved a bus full of children. That passion is needed for those who are writing that story. That passion is needed for the assignment editor who is following a lead. That passion is needed for the photographer who is capturing a moment.

College students are overwhelmed when they first choose a major in journalism. It isn't for everyone. Journalists need to have a fundamental love of writing, following leads and talking to people. It's not a major for the timid. It's not a major for those who don't want to work hard every single day. It's not for those who want each and every work day to stay the same. Overall, if a person feels that they have all of these qualities and they know what to expect, then they can make a decision about majoring in journalism.

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